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Painter, Sculptor, AFOL, overall nerd

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My collection of Warhammer armies, 40k and Fantasy

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My collection of LEGO models and sets

Chaos Warriors Regiment
1997 Vs 2021

About Me

I remember my first mini figure, a broken second ed Chaos warrior. Discarded by a friend but glued back together by yours truly. 


Since that ten year old salvaged the parts needed to complete his first model not much has changed, well hopefully the quality of my work!

I don't think I bought a new model from Games Workshop until I was a teenager. No, growing up my forces consisted of boot-sale finds and I remember my mind being blown with the arrival of a certain online auction house. I reckon it was this "make do and mend" approach to the hobby which spurred my interest in conversion and customising. 
As I turned 18 I managed to land a job at the local Games Workshop, sometimes I miss those days. Long hair, rock music and painting toy soldiers, a much simpler time. I was also lucky enough to benefit from the fabled weight discount on the figures while working there.

In the last few years I've revisited the LEGO sets I had, or didn't manage to get as a kid. The by product of collecting another horde of plastic has allowed my to start exhibiting my LEGO collection at local shows. Which is a lot simpler than Warhammer tournaments let me tell you.

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