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90's Lego Space Themes

Like many kids growing up in the 90's, I owned a selection of Lego sets ranging between the Past, Present and Future themes with the Space sets of the era being my favourite (Lego Adventure a close second).

While I was born during the release of Futuron and the bulk of my Lego birthday and Christmas presents coming from the UFO theme some ten years later, my interest in Lego Space themes started sometime after 93. Specifically by those old Lego catalogues showcasing the rivalry between Ice Planet/Space Police 2 and Spyrius.

Unfortunately by the time I had convinced Mum and Dad that these were the types of Lego sets that should feature on the old Christmas wish list, they were out of production. 

So while I technically grew up with the UFO theme and a fair few Red Coat pirate sets, I always came back to the overly thumbed pages of the early 90's catalogues. 

Luckily being an adult with a job, I can do something about the lack of these sets in my possession and over the next few linked blogs on this page, I want to catalogue the sets in my collection as well as a few re-colours too;


Space Police 2 - 1992 to 1993


Ice Planet 2002 - 1993 to 1994


Spyrius - 1994 to 1995


Unitron - 1994 to 1995

Unitron thumbnail.jpg

Unitron was and still is a massively under developed theme. A theme that was meant to take over from the Good Guy Space Police 2 sets, just with more military undertones. In the end only 4 sets were released and only one of those over in Europe. One Unitron figure featured in a set called Space Explorers (6705) that was also released over on this side of the pond. Coincidentally the only reason I have one of these figures. 


Exploriens - 1996

Exploriens thumbnail.jpg

Exploriens took over as the civilian faction, replacing Ice Planet. They specialised as archaeologists and some of the larger sets had special fossil plate bricks, in which you could only see parts of the design if you held it under a transparent red or blue brick. So far I only have the one set. 

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