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Mushroom Survival Island - A 1.16.4 save file

Updated on Mar 24th, 2021 | 0 logs
Published Mar 24th, 2021

So the aim of this site has always been to catalogue what I've been doing and it's no secret I've spent a huge amount of time playing Minecraft. I thought it's only fair to share my virtual work too.

Besides, to back up the save file I'll normally upload it to Mediafire every once in a while. Can't be loosing all my "progress"...

As for the save file, it was created with version 1.16.4 and is a large biome Mushroom Island. I've explored to the south and found Snowy Taiga and to the north, you'll find a Jungle. I've purposely not gone too far east or west as I'm waiting for the Cave Update before loading those chunks.

I've loaded the Nether but not found an End portal yet let alone fight the Ender Dragon. It's worth noting that although it's all been built in survival, the design of the ship and sword portal are not my own. These were built from a Google image search. 

One of the things I liked most about this save, is that on a Mushroom Island this large, you have nothing, no wood and no resources to start off with. It was days before I found enough string to build a bed. That challenge to obtain even the most common items was half the fun with this save file. 

I've built a couple of villages on the island, one pictured above. To the north east of the island, there is a zombie villager curing station where I've rescued many of the villagers. I've started building a zoo for the animals I've found so far and there are also farms for most of the resources you'll need. 

Zoo Polar
Zoo Ocalot
Zoo Turtle
Zoo Panda
Zoo Rabits
Zoo Pufferfish
Zoo Parrot
Zoo Aqua
Zoo Strider
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