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2020 - Reviewing what I've painted last year.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

A few accounts I follow on Instagram have inspired me to review and catalogue what I've painted this year. In fact I encourage others to do the same. It's a little surprising what was completed in 2020, as there were a few figures I could have sworn I painted in 2020 that turned out to be from the year previous.

Instagram is a pretty easy tool to use to work out when models have been painted, if you haven't been keeping track and want to do the same.

I'm also aiming to recap each year moving forward, so these blogs can be used to showcase a hobby timeline as well as (hopefully) demonstrate an improvement year on year.


This time last year I was busy painting up and finishing my WFB Lizardman army. You can take a look at the full collection here. At the time I was hoping to finally get a fully painted army together to start playing the 9th Age down the local gaming club. Little did anyone know by the time I had finished that task, there wouldn't be any gaming clubs open.

The first unit I finished was my classic Skink Cohort with Kroxigor. I don't think these took me very long. They're a bit of a filler unit so they were painted to a simple table top standard.

By the end of January I had also painted a unit of Cold One Riders. These came out a little glossy on account using those awful Contrast paints. Honestly they just rub off in your fingers. I was forever repainting parts of the models as I worked on the tiny details. In the end they got a can of lacquer on them...


Continuing the Lustrian theme, the first model I finished in Feb was the Bastiladon. The monster was a nice break from the standard troop choices and I even recorded a YouTube tutorial on painting the sun crystal.

It was one of the first models I painted in parts too, not sure why I didn't do this sooner. There's not a chance you're going to get the paint where it's needed if it's all glued together at the start.

The leap year meant the Carnosaur is a February model, having been finished on the 29th. The main colour is Vallejo Alien Purple over a grey undercoat. I also used the space available on the large base to model him pushing through the jungle.


March saw the UK and the rest of the world plunge into a lockdown and I also lost my job due to Covid. It wasn't the greatest time reflecting back on it, but it did give me plenty of time to crack on with my paint queue.

Nothing was actually finished in March, but the majority of the Ancient Stegadon was finished.


The Ancient Stegadon became quite the mission, as I decided to paint it like it was made of jade. Each scale was painted with a gem technique and was pretty time consuming. Still I think it was well worth it in the end.

I even recall painting this model in the back garden during the one week of hot weather we had.

The Skink crew had a purple hue added to the normal skin palette. I was aiming for their spawning to look more magically attuned.

With the bulk of the Stegy being done in March, it was finished pretty early on in April. For the rest of the month I painted my Skink Priest and Realmshaper Engine, or Lustiran pyramid for those who refuse to accept the Old World is destroyed.

The pyramid has two ways of building it. The one without creeping vines would have been the easier to paint, but the wife convinced me to do the hard option as it would look better in the end. She was right of course, but it was still mind numbingly boring painting all those leaves.

A plasma ball lamp was the inspiration for the crackling magical energy at the top. Vallejo Alien Purple was used for the main layer with some white highlights.


In May I cracked on with a Thousand Son's Rhino I got at Christmas (I don't recall if that was Christmas 2019 or 18). It was also the first time I tried painting a non metallic gold. I was pretty happy with the outcome, but it looks better at a distance.

I also used weathering powders on the tank, improving on the sandy dry brushing technique used on the other Thousand Son tanks of mine. The rest of my namesakes army can be found here.

A Youtube video for both the Non-met Gold and Weathering Powders was also uploaded.

A second T-Sons Rhino was also purchased, it's not even undercoated yet...


Looking back at the month, I can see I started painting my Fallout Wasteland Warfare mini's. I must have got distracted as they're still not finished.

Instead I moved on to the start of my homebrew Primaris Chapter of Space Marines, the Chevaliers. Reviving the lost Bretonnians, just this time into the 41st millenium. You can take a look at the army so far here.

The collection started off with the conversion of 3 easy build marines.

As for the painting technique, it was another first for me. Aiming for that super shiny look to the space marine's armour.

In fact it was only these three mini's I finished in June. If I recall, I started work on other converted parts for the rest of the army.

Each Chapter shoulder pad had a Fluer-de-lis sculpted to it, I made so many I still have some spare now.


In July I completed another 3 marines. Although it doesn't look like I did a lot that month. However it was around this time I cut my finger pretty bad with a hobby knife, so that might explain the lack of brush work.

The highlight of the month, for me was the Epic scale marine used as a hologram. I've not tried painting lighting effects much, but was happy how the green glow came out.

My yellow armour technique was also changed slightly, although I'm still not particularly happy with it.


In August we moved house. Lots of non essential stuff (hobby supplies) had been packed up well in advance. Still I just about finished my unit of Primaris Hellblasters by the end of the month.

The notable addition was the burst of plasma modelled to the gun barrels. I've detailed the process within my Primaris blog, but to put it simply, it is heated acrylic rods.


Early in the month I finished my Primaris dreadnought. The inspiration for the heraldry was actually my own coat-d-arms. A peasants wheat field was added to its base, to reinforce the feudal world theme they have going on. These are the tops of long grass, coated in super glue and painted. They are super fragile and I will have to seriously think about how I transport this model in the future.

Work also began on my Primaris Outriders along with other models from the 9th ed Elite starter set.


The first HQ choice for the Chevaliers was finished. The Green Knight, or Chaplain to use the official job title.

A Green Knight shield and freehand detail was added. One day I hope to have a Green Knight on Primaris bike too.

The 3 Primaris Outriders were also completed. Each one really highlighting the different colour schemes within the army. Although if I were to paint another unit, I would complete them on the sprue, glue them together and finish off any loose ends.

Painting under the exhaust and under the rider is almost impossible.

In fact, as I check back in Instagram I'm surprised to see the Assault intercessors were also finished by the end of October. Boy was it a productive month!


This month started off with a fun project from Scibor Miniatures. He had recently sculpted up some Lego Zombies which I painted up like the toys I played with as a kid (opposed to the toys I now play with as an adult).

I did start a separate blog on these little side projects, however it's a little devoid of content right now.

I also picked up with Vostroyan looking boys from Your Dream Miniatures. Perfect fit for veterans within my Imperial guard and the first new unit the army has had in years.

Sculpting work also began on the Primaris Captain and he was completed by the middle of the month. I finally had a completed Primaris army, although I'm still waiting on the release of the Blade Guard, Grail Knights anyone?

Lastly and by the end of November, I add finished one unit for my new 80's inspired Adeptus Mechanicus army. These are really fun but the Vallejo fluorescent paints are hard to work with.

And at long last, December

The Christmas month saw me start work on my McFarlane Primaris action figure. Deciding to convert him up like one of my Chevaliers. Most of the month was taken up with sculpting and conversion work to change parts of the figure.

By the end of 2020, the conversation work and the main armour colours had been finished. Another new technique to try here was pre-shading. I think this would work well on tanks too. As for the McFarlane marine, I still have the metal work and small details to complete.

You can read up on the progress here, including any additional McFarlane marines I work on.

The last unit to officially finish in 2020 was my unit of 80's Ad Mech Vanguard. PAINT ALL THE COLOURS!


And there we have it, 2020 all wrapped up. In the end I finished 90 separate figures. I'm sure if we count the crew and riders, that figure would be higher than 100.

What about Instagram? Well it was the first year to do one of these top 9 thingies. The Chevaliers are clearly coming out on top. You're more than welcome to follow me at

As for my 2021 hobby resolution, I would like to complete the following;

  • 3 McFarlane Marines all in the Chevalier's colours.

  • Paint 100 individual models.

  • Grail Knights/Blade Guard for my 28mm Chevaliers.

  • Further work on my Mordheim warbands and battlefield. Can't believe I didn't paint anything for Mordheim in 2020

  • The 80's Ad Mech finished, including a Knight.

  • Get a second display cabinet, or at least a larger one for the living room.

  • Reach 500 followers on Insta, a vain ambition I know.

I'll check back here in a year to see how I got on.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and lets hope 2021 throws us less curve balls.


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