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A collection of Ork Trukks!

Updated: Dec 1, 2019


An army I've started more times than I can remember, always getting a few models done, then realizing painting hundreds of Greenskins is boring and quickly selling what was completed.

This time i'm trying to combine my love of cars with the Kult of Speed.

My aim here, especially as I'm in no great rush to complete this was to create Orky versions of real iconic cars and to try and be as mechanically correct as possible.

All of these vehicles are painted brown to start with. Then with an old, larger brush, stipple oranges over the brown getting lighter with shade and pressure each coat. Dry brush a darker silver and then apply a brown wash. Lastly dry brush a lighter silver to pick out scratches.

First off the 33 Coupe

Built from spare parts and plasticard this old Ford counts as an Ork rocket buggy.

This build like the others below started off with just a chassis built from sprue.

Coil overs and the fuel lines are made from copper wires.

More of the model unpainted can be found here

Power Wagon

Next up is an Ork Trukk based on an old Dodge.

The underside, much like the others has the basics so that is appears as if it could drive.

To see more of the pre-painted version click here

For the paint I went with the classic speed shop motif and pinstriped wheel arches.

The Big Rig!

For the battle wagon I could think of nothing better than a big 'ol Mack truck.

This was by far the biggest build and consumed the last of my plasticard, One day i hope to build it a trailer to go with it. Possibly counting as a second battle wagon.

I've even included a little Gobbo pinstriper and his own can of 1shot paint.

To paint the heat scorch start with a silver base. Then mix a mint green into a small amount of silver, as you progress up the exhaust start adding gold, pink, purple and finally dark blue. This isn't my best example of this method but you get the idea, always add some water into your mix. It's better to do several light coats than one which leaves brush marks.

The Chrome also started silver. The lower side was blended into Graveyard Earth (I think the new version is Steal Legion Drab), the top side was blended into a light blue. To finish it off add a very thin dark brown line at the horizon.

These three were finished early 2018, not revisited the army yet but those new Speed Freeks GW have pushed out might be the next additions.

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