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Dystopian Legions

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Dystopian Legions was a 32mm scale version of the Spartan Games Dystopian Wars. An alternate reality Steam Punk era.

They had various forces based on real world countries like the Prussian Empire, the Republique of France or the Federated States of America. I went for the Kingdom of Britannia of course.

Unfortunately Spartan Games closed in 2017 which is a real shame as I loved these figures and started collecting when they first released the game. Although I did notice that Dystopian Legions stopped getting updates around 2016, all starting to make sense now. However I still have the rules and i'm sure they are still out there for others to find, plus there are a great number of Steam Punk figures on the market to either add to this collection or use the below models in another game.

The figures, marketed as 32mm are slightly taller than your average Space Marine.

Kingdom of Britannia line infantry

Lord Flashheart i'm sure

The game focused on Officers providing orders for their troops and various coloured dice dealing different levels of damage. For example if your rifle used red dice it would be dealing more damage than a weapon which used white dice.

Officer and objective markers

Sky Hussars

The armies fast attack really, great posses too!

The General Conveyor

An Armoured Personnel Carrier

Basset Tankettes

Terrier Ironclad


Other Steampunk stuff

With the collection I've included some Steam Punk cars and trucks, no rules for them as such but are great additions to the battlefield. The Truck and blue car are both from Micro Art Studio. The silver Mad Max car was found on ebay, not sure who made it.

The blue car has actually been painted the same colour as my PT Cruiser, that's PB5 electric blue right there!

I think I ended up playing one game down the local club and we shared my army too. That was a long time ago now, so saddened to hear Spartan Games in no more. The figures are all white metal, the tanks are a combination of resin and metal, using metal for the really fine detail bits reminded me of early Games Workshop. I was really excited to see where this game went, turns out not very far...

Read up on the battle report here!

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