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Fimir - Deamons of the Mist

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

So i suppose a little back sorry is in need?

The Fimir are a very old Warhammer Fantasy Battle race which caught my attention as a teenager. I had owned a mystery model at that time for a while and no one could tell me what it was, not even my local Games Workshop. It turned out to be a Heroquest Fimir, a model I ended up relying on quite a bit for the army. One of these guys;

Now I'm not going to type up the whole lore for the Fimir, If you're so inclined you can read up about them here;

However to summarize, the Fimir are Swamp dwelling half deamons with a single eye and scorpion like tales. They have very poor vision and bring a fog with them as they dislike sunlight.

You can pick up the heroquest models relatively inexpensively from ebay, however the older metal models normally sell for £20 and above.

Handily there is a Facebook group that has cataloged more about them than I could here;

So without further waffling on, let me walk you through the collection so far. I'd like to point out many of these models had been built with an Ogre Kingdoms book (6th or 7ths ed) in mind. That was the army book I used to field them, even taking the list to a GT once.

I did have other units in the Ogre Kingdom list that I do not have photos of, not sure where they are. This includes units of Boglars, Boglar Scrap Launcher pulled by a giant spider and a Fimir Giant.

First up is the Fimir Noble or Ogre Tyrant. This is one of the very old metal Nick Bibby sculpts.

Then we have the Mearch, the only female Fimir and army wizard. This model counted as the Ogre Butcher.

The only other character model I have was this converted Fimir Hunter (or Ogre hunter). I believe I also had a pair of giant spiders to count as his saber tusks. The model was from Heresy Miniatures, although I can't seem to find the exact model on the site anymore, looks similar to this cyclops.

As for the units, I colour coded the models for my own ease of deployment. Most are converted Heroquest models but there are some Blood Moon Bog Raider models in these units too.

To make the most out of the unit choices in the Ogre Kingdoms book, I converted up some "count as" Ogre Leadbelchers. I image these guys spreading noxious bog gas;

I used the old Dark Shadows Fen beast models as the Yetis or Ogre Gorgers, can't remember which and a Bloodbowl treeman was used as the wormwood treefolk, may have counted it as a giant. The middle fen beast is mostly green stuff if memory serves.

The Fimir Shearls (lesser Fimir) was an addition to the army after the Ogre Kingdom run. I guess if I fielded the army under the AOS rules, these could be allied Orks?

They where made from Lizardman Skink models, undead weapons, beastman gor shields and Genestealer heads. The front part of the head was filed away and a green stuff eye added. Obviously this unit still needs finishing.

I do also have two old metal sculpts, but I think I was waiting for a full unit before finishing them. As you can see the Fimir range suffers from a scaling issue, the old metal models being lager than the Heroquest minis. In retrospect I should have used the HQ models as the Shearls and the classic metal ones as the bulk of the Fimir army. However I don't think I would have ever collected enough metal ones to deploy a viable list.

The other day however I found out the the Fimir models Forge World made are now permanently out of stock. I was pretty disappointed, believing I had missed out on getting any, until I checked my box of Fimir to find I can already bought some, perils of getting older? I missed out on the FW hero model in the end, i'll keep my eyes pealed on ebay.

Currently I'm working on painting a complete range of Mordheim warbands and terrain for our Christmas campaign. Check my Instagram feed on the home page for updates on Mordheim, i'll probably start a campaign blog once we start playing, rather than walk you through all the models i'm painting.

Unfortunately the Fimir will remain on the back burner as a result. I think they will get more attention when the details of the new "Warhammer Old World" get released. None of this circular based nonsense lol

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