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Mordheim Campaign, Game 3 & 4

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Game 3

Our third game of the campaign saw the Skaven come up against the Undead and for the scenario we rolled snake-eyes. The warband with the lowest rating picked the mission.

That was the Skaven, by 1 point I might add and they chose Treasure Hunt. The Skaven Assassin had heard a rumor that one building in these ruins contained a cellar complete with treasure chest. Unfortunately for the Ratkin, a local Vampire has also discovered this and is on her way to claim it for herself!

In this mission a building at random will contain a treasure chest. Each time an unexplored building is entered you can roll to see if it contains the treasure, you will need to roll a double 6. If it's not found by rolling two 6's, the last unexplored building will automatically contain the chest.

The Skaven won the deployment roll off and opted to set up first. The Undead won the first turn roll off however.

The Skaven deployed at the top of the board, the Undead at the bottom.

It's worth noting, that in this mission, Giant Rats, Zombies and the Dire wolf cannot search for treasure, they're just too stupid.

Undead turn 1;

Having won the first turn, the Undead separated into two groups in an attempt to find the treasure quicker. The Vampire, Necromancer, a Ghoul and 4 Zombies went left, while the Dreg, 2 Ghouls, Dire wolf and the remaining Zombies went right.

The Necromancer peered through the window of the small house in the bottom left of the board, no treasure in here unfortunately.

While the second group separated even further. The Zombies took position in the street, facing the Skaven and a Ghoul crept into the building in the bottom right corner. The ruins where checked for a cellar and two 6's were rolled!

At this point I almost felt sorry for the Skaven, first turn and second building to check contained the chest. Now to escape with it! We made a rule on the spot that said Ghouls can't carry treasure chests, they're just to primitive to acknowledge it's importance. Otherwise it just felt too unfair on the Ratmen.

Skaven Turn 1:

With the chest already in play, the Skaven rushed down the street to try and secure it. The Verminkin move fast and surprisingly most of the Giant rats passed their leadership checks to charge the fear causing Zombies. This should tie those undead up for a few turns!

The Skaven Characters however, happy that their expendable units have the attention of the Zombies ran round the combat towards the treasure.

With a couple of the Verminkin reaching the open doorway, you can just about see the spear poking out.

Undead turn 2;

The Ghoul that found the chest could now see one of the Verminkin by the doorway, it charged and the Ratman failed it's fear check, it would be hitting on 6's. Unfortunately it didn't matter, the Skaven was taken out of play.

On the left side the rest of the warband turned around and went to help the right flank. With a Ghoul securing the single Wyrdstone counter in play.

The right flanks hero, the Dreg managed to reach the treasure chest. Next turn he can start moving it.

In the center combat, most attacks missed or failed to wound. However a Giant rat was taken out by a Zombie, num num num!

Skaven turn 2;

In desperation, the Skaven sorcerer scaled the wall to reach the chest faster. Although he was successful climbing up his side, he fell climbing down, leaving himself in the knocked down position in the process.

Not a great place to be taking a nap!

The Skaven Assassin and black Skaven charged the Dire wolf that had been circling around the side of a building. Very easily putting it out of action.

In the center melee, a Verminkin failed to would a Zombie and in return the Zombie knocked him unconscious.

In better news for the Ratmen, the Ghoul who charged the doorway was taken out by the Night runner. The Skaven had been very good at passing fear checks this game.

Unfortunately however, the Skaven could not get passed the Undead ranks to reach that chest.

Undead turn 3

The Necromancer reached the chest too and together they would walk it 4 inches. Alone the Dreg would have only been able to carry it at half speed.

He's carrying it honest, not trying to levitate it!

In combat, the Zombie who knocked out a Verminkin in the Skaven turn, automatically put it out of action. The Eshin Sorcerer laying prone was also taken out of play by a local Zombie.

This was the 25% limit for the Skaven and they fled their next turn. An easy win for the Undead...

After game experience, injuries and loot!

All but one of the Skaven made a full recovery, that unfortunetely means one of the Verminkin with spears died of his injuries.

As for the Undead, most survived their wounds, well it's not like it's much of a worry for them! However the Dire Wolf was too badly damaged and was dumped in the canal, at 50 gold crowns that's an expensive loss early on.

A few units leveled up and got minor stat increases, with the most notable being the Vampire who is now strength 5!

The Skaven found an old shop on the way home and found another 5 gc worth of stuff to sell. The Necromancer went shopping and located an Unholy relic for 29 gold. This will allow him to automatically pass the first leadership test he's required to make each game, or if carried by the leader, pass the first rout check. Best to give that to the Vampire then!

As for the Treasure Chest, well it kinda sucked. Only containing 2 Wyrdstone shards and 12 gold...

Its the taking part that counts, unless you die...


Game 4 - Possessed V's the Skaven

The clash of the loosing teams so far, with neither of the warbands managing to defeat a foe yet. Someone's luck was about to turn.

For the scenario, we rolled defend the find. In this mission, the smallest warband has to defend a building they've found to contain treasure against the larger attacking force.

That meant with only 9 models, the Possessed were defending. To win, the Skaven simply need more models inside the building at the start of a Possessed turn.

After setup the table looked like this;

The Possessed didn't move form their building, unsurprisingly. The Skaven advanced from the right to encircle the chaos worshippers.

Skaven turn 1 & 2

In the mission attackers get the first turn. After setting up on the right side, they slowly advanced around the lower street and approached the possessed. On the 2nd turn, the Eshin sorcerer successfully cursed one of the possessed bowmen.

Possessed turn 1 & 2

During the first turn, the possessed could not see any of the Skaven so they simply rearranged themselves to brace against the vermintide. On the second turn, the archers let loose a volley arrows, which did nothing...

Skaven turn 3

The Skaven managed to get a Giant rat in charge range of a possessed brethren with hammer. Although neither of them managed to hurt the other.

The rest of the Skaven started to encircle the ruins...

Possessed turn 3

In this turn the possessed spawn charged a night runner who had got too close to the rubble, putting him down but not out.

A bowman also managed to knock the Skaven leader out with a well placed arrow and another killed a giant rat.

As for the brethren, another charged into the combat with the giant rat to lend a hand to his brother, he missed. The giant rat however attacked the chaos worshipper yet to fight and took him out of action.

Skaven turn 4

Skaven spearmen (or spearrats) ran up the right and side of the building. The assassin regained consciousness and the Black Skaven charged the possessed spawn and took a would from it.

Unfortunately the counter attacks from the spawn knocked the Black Skaven down. Both Night runner and Black Skaven were now at it's mercy.

Possessed turn 4

Having failed to cast a spell so far, just like last game, the Possessed Leader charged a Skaven Spearman at a doorway. It was a risky move as the spear would ensure the Skaven fought first, however he was only going to charge the Possessed leader next turn anyway.

The Skaven hit the Chaos mage but failed to would, in return the rat was knocked down.

The archers managed to pick off another giant rat as well as knock one out as it entered a doorway on the left. In combat the Possessed Spawn removed the Night Runner from play.

Skaven turn 5

The Assassin managed to charge a brethren and knocked him out. In retrospect he couldn't have done this as he had only stood up at the beginning of the turn. However forgetting rules is just part and parcel sometime and I don't think if effected the game too much.

The Skaven with spears managed to make their way into the building from the top but did not have line of sight at the start to issue a charge.

The Eshin Sorcerer cursed the Possessed Spawn and a Giant Rat went up against the Mutant.

In combat the Spawn took the Black Skaven out of play, after the Skaven hero failed to would the monster.

However the Giant Rat in the right corner was rabid at this point, killing another Brethren.

Possessed turn 5

The archers let loose at the spear wielding Skaven, killing one. The mage failed to do anything, in keeping with his particular idiom so far this campaign and the spawn charged the rabid Giant rat.

Skaven turn 6

Having suffered enough losses, the Skaven had to take a rout check. Which they passed.

The Verminkin charged the archers and failed to do anything really. In fact one of the archers managed to dodge an attack and slip a knife between the ribs of one of the ratmen, removing it from play.

The Assassin was struggling to best the lowly Brethren, even with him being sat on the floor.

Possessed turn 6

Is was starting to look very good the the disciples of Chaos, it would only be a matter of time before the Skaven rout.

None of the Skaven had been taken out of action in the possessed turn but they had suffered another loss in their turn 6. After their successful rout check.

The Possessed Spawn however did knock out the rabid Giant rat.

Skaven turn 7

Skaven although cowardly by nature passed their second rout check, not only that but the Assassin killed the remaining Brethren. The Possessed warband was not below 25% and ended up routing their turn 7. The Skaven against all odds had won.

After game experience, injuries and loot!

The Skaven ended up loosing both Giant rats to their injuries and the Black Skaven would have to sit the next game out nursing an arm would.

As for the Possessed, only 1 of the 3 fallen Brethren managed to survive. Not good for a warband already struggling with gold.

Both warband's mages learnt new spells. Words of Pain for the Chaos Magister and Eye of the Warp for the Skaven Sorcerer. Both spells have similar functions, dealing damage to enemies in close proximity to the caster.

The Skaven found a well on the way back home but decided against sending a hero down it to find Wyrdstone. They already had one hero sitting the next game out and couldn't risk another due to water poisoning.

The Possessed manged to find just enough Wyrdstone on the way back to hire two new Brethren to replace those who died. However after purchasing equipment the Chaos have exactly 0 gold crowns.

The Skaven found enough Wyrdstone alongside the treasure form the mission to purchase 3 new Verminkin with clubs and still have 119 gold in the bank. They didn't replace the dead Giant rats as they're still saving for that Rat Ogre.

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