• Matt

A Mordheim miniature collection

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

With some time off work over the holidays, we've found ourselves playing Mordheim again. Such a festive setting!

It reminded me that although the figures have been featured in a few Instagram posts or the couple of battle reports from last year, they've never been catalogued completely. With some new figures in the paint queue too, let me round up what I've painted so far;

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Witch Hunters coming soon.

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Its worth noting, that many of the warbands are over subscribed. I like having the options of different models, armed differently to accommodate what happens in the game. The figures included in this blog have also been painted over a few years. Some are better than others...

Skaven Warband

First up we have the Assassin Adept, armed with a pair of weeping blades. The weapons are actually coated in glow in the dark paint, for all those games we play with the lights off...

Assassin Adept
Eshin Sorcerer
Night Runners
Black Skaven
Verminkin with swords and shields
Verminkin with clubs
Verminkin with spears
Giant rats
Verminkin with slings

With the larger base for the Rat Ogre, I added an ex mercenary under some rubble.

Rat Ogre

Marienburg Warband

The Marcenary Captain, like a lot of my Mordheim figures was built from the bits box. He will most likely be retired as I was lucky in picking up a Heresy Lab Luther. More on him later.

Mercenary Captain

The Champion, another true bitz box creation is made from Marauder and Empire parts.

Mercenary Champion

Warriors with swords and shields
Swordsmen with great swords and heavy armour
Marksman with black powder weapon

Although not a true Marienburg Mercenary, I'm including the Ogre Merc here anyway. This is one of my older models and is most in need of a repaint. In fact this guy was first used for Warhammer Ahoy if anyone remembers that.

Ogre Merenary

This powder monkey was completed on the 16th of January 2021. He'll count as the mercenary wardog at some point I'm sure. Honestly I just wanted to add him to the collection.

Cult of the Possessed Warband

The Magister started life as a Dark Elf Corsair musician. A change to his equipment was a simple conversion but I think it works. I was really struggling to find a suitable model in the bitz box for