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A foray into Cosplay - The AER9

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

A couple of months ago, a coworker let me know of a relativity new comic con at a local town. I thought my kids would like to go, as well as being somewhat interested in these events too.

One of my boys had asked for a Fallout themed birthday party the week before this, so costumes were already in the making.

If I was going to cosplay, I wanted to bring something along which would be really impressive. The sort of prop you see those professional cosplayers using.

I sat down with a print out image of the Fallout 3 Laser rifle and began cutting sheets of plastic by eye.

The rest of the build was cut out, sanded, filled with putty, sanded again...

As for the fusion cell, this was created by gluing a couple of spare parts together and wrapping it in my favourite ice cream tub plastic.

The fusion cell is held in via magnets and the leaver works to pivot the cell outwards for removal.

Then with a few other tiny details the rifle was ready for paint, I started with an automotive black undercoat. Then added a couple of different silver spray paints to it.

The fine detail was painted using Games Workshops citadel colours. The yellow stripes put my pinstriping skills to the test as these were painted with 1shot yellow and a sign writing brush.

To finish it off, I smeared blobs of black, brown and orange oil paints on the rifle and rubbed this into the paint work with an old cloth. Dampening the clock with some linseed oil helps.

Lastly as the rifle was built and assembled with actual screws, it can be disassembled to include electronics. Which is my plan one day.

Slightly related but I'm happy with the working Pipboy, but the battery only lasts for about 2 hours. Next time i'll turn it on closer to the cosplay costume judging as it was dead by the end of the comicon we went too.

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