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When the worlds of mini-figures collide

This is a bit of a fun post and I might add all sorts to it down the line. To start with however I want to share some models Scibor has recently sculpted.

There are a number in his new monstrous toy's range but there are 6 that caught my eye. These are the more traditional looking Lego spacemen figures, just a little on the undead end of the spectrum...

For the sake keeping track of the models I've ordered, especially if he releases more the six I prefer are listed below;

For the bases, I used instant mould on a 2x2 lego brick and created a few milliput tiles which were glued to the 32mm base and filed smooth around the edges.

Up next was converting the helmets slightly. Scibor has clearly modelled these figures on the original Lego Spacemen, which I assume he had when he was younger. Whereas I grew up with the modernised Lego figure with visors on their helmets.

As for the colour scheme, I picked 3 figures from my childhood I enjoyed playing with the most. They are an Ice Planet guy, a Spyrius figure and a Space Policeman.

They also the correct scale, so if they have hands, they can hold Lego tools too.

Can't say what will come next with this post, all depends what I find I guess. But for now, I hope you enjoyed reading about this half as much as I did painting them.


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