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I spy with my little eye

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Spyrius are the bad guys. Specifically they spy on the other themes and when they're not doing that, they steel technology. So of all the factions to build recolours for, Spyrius makes the most sense.

Spyrius has an interesting colour palette in so much as 3 different trans clear colours feature across the theme. Red, Blue and Neon Lime. I also found it a little odd that the Robo Guardian contains dark grey bricks, something not seen in the rest of the range as far as I can tell. I'm not deliberately going to include this colour in any recolour but the option is there if I really need it.

1714: Surveillance Scooter

6835: Saucer Scout

6889: Recon Robot

6939: Saucer Centurion

6949: Robo-Guardian

6959 Lunar Launch Site

Ice Planet recolours

Alien Conquest recolours

With Spyrius primarily focusing on stealing tech, then they need some sort of vehicles to kidnap Lego Minifigs who hold information. No better sets to do this than the Alien Conquest range.

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