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No longer unidentified, this is a list...

Updated: May 19

The Lego UFO range took over from Spyrius as the bad guy faction for the Space Theme, no doubt harassing the Exploriens by 1997.

As this theme was in the shops while I was 10, I received many of these sets first hand as a child. There was only a couple than I still need to track down.

I'm also aiming to continue this theme by recolouring the new Alien Conquest theme in the UFO colours. More on that later.

Classic UFO Range

2543: Spacecraft

2847: Flyer

6800: Cyber Blaster

4305: Cyborg Scout

6829: Radon Rover

6836: V-Wing Fighter

6900: Cyber Saucer

6901: Space Plane

6915: Warp Wing Fighter

6975: Alien Avenger

6979: Interstellar Starfighter


Little bolt on update here. I was building an Ice Planet robot by combining one of the series 9 figures with a UFO robot. This left me with white robot parts and bits of a blue UFO robot left over. I actually like the by-product of what I was intending to do more and I'd like to see if I can make other colour UFO robots with other parts in the future.

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