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It's cold outside, There's no kind of atmosphere

Updated: May 19

Easily the classic space theme I've focused on the most.

Ice Planet 2002 really caught my eye as a kid, pretty sure it's the colour palette if I'm honest. White, Blue, Black and Trans Neon Orange is pretty striking after all.

This theme kick started my adult collection of dust collectors and as a result, the majority of my Lego re-colours are in the Ice Planet livery.


Classic Ice Planet Range

1711: Ice Planet Scooter

6814: Ice Tunnelator

6834: Celestial Sled

6879: Blizzard Baron

6898: Ice-Sat V

6973: Deep Freeze Defender

6983: Ice Station Odyssey

1704: Unnamed vehicle

M-Tron recolours

M-Tron was slightly before my time and they didn't really grab my attention as a kid, not like the neon orange of the Ice Planeters did. However as an adult, I can appreciate the M-Tron sets for what they are. However I don't really want to technically collect a whole new theme. Instead I'm aiming to recolour the whole range into the White, Blue, Black and Trans Neon Orange palette.

1478: Mobile Satellite Up-Link

6811: Pulsar Charger

6862: Secret Space Voyager

6877: Vector Detector

6956: Stellar Recon Voyager

I'm going to dub this the "Mega THAW Magnetizer".

Shame the giant wheels never were produced in white, but I don't think it doesn't work.

April 2024 Edit

In an attempted to mask the amount of orange on the model, I've added large white 6x6 dishes as hubcaps.

Space Police 2

The problem with Space Police 2 recolours (and the same goes for Spyrius), is that I have an interest in collecting the original range too. So I've ended up doubling up on a couple of models so far. Which it fine as I have infinite shelf space for them... I wish.

The Rebel Hunter below was my first attempt at a recolour. At the time I didn't realise that not all bricks came in every colour and some bricks are incredibly hard to track down. Here's looking at you blue 2463...


Nexo Knights

So once I had a few classic sets recoloured an ebay listing caught my eye. One faction within the Nexo Knight range includes many of the Ice Planet colours. Now I can't say all of the models in this theme will suit an Ice Planet re-do, but some of them could have been a 2016 revamp of the classic Ice Planet 2002 (not to be confused with 1993 when they were released) range.

I've also left some of the dark grey/silver parts in these newer sets. While not part of the classic colour palette, if the range had a re-release, I'm sure extra colours would be added to break up the black sections.

Not a complete recolour here as I've used a conventual tank turret instead of the castle tower in the original set. However as the secondary vehicle disconnects, it would be great to make a few of these with different armaments.

This one was a pretty straight forward recolour, however I was lucky getting the blue technic spring part (731c05) as these are pretty rare in the colour I needed.

I also needed to swap out the wheels on the bike as the original pieces were never produced in white (part 6122170). In the end I settled on a creative replacement, albeit without any tread.

MOCs (My own creations)

So for a long while, I have occupied myself with recolours of existing sets. It's easier than designing things yourself, of course, and at the beginning, I wanted to set limits on myself to not balloon this expense, I mean hobby in to something huge. How naïve I was...

So anyway, I had started to accumulate a few interesting parts, holding them at angles in an imaginary build, and thought, I know what I could do with these. After some trial and error I've ended up with my first MOC, an Ice Planet forklift. Colonising an Ice World requires logistics, shipping and a supply chain. I'm hoping this build goes a long way to creating that narrative;

The Tundra Forklift;

and for anyone who would like to build this themselves, here's the automatically generated instructions;

Chainsaw EV

For this MOC, I wanted to design a vehicle themed on the iconic Ice Planet chainsaw. I think it's come out very well if I do say so myself, but boy was it a pain to make in real life. Getting all the bricks to link up in the chainsaw section wasn't easy.

Warhammer 40K

While this corner of my website is all about Lego, I think some of the 40k crossovers I've been working on should also feature here too. Not nearly enough of them to have their own page... yet.

It started off with some themed Cadians. Mostly the bottle neck here will be the helmets with visors. I've got a fair few but not enough for a full army.

Then we have the count as Sentinel. Inspired by the Celestial Sled.

Last off for now was the rather ambitious project of creating an Ice-Sat V in 40k, to count as my Deathstrike Launcher.

I think there was more individual component parts to this conversion than anything else I've built before. The Perspex missile covers were a particular pain in the side. Cutting them to the exact size with almost zero margin of error was stressful to say the least.

In fact I even created this rather juvenile video to celebrate the end result.

I'm aiming to complete a random selection of 40k models in a variety of Lego theme colours. Adeptus Arbites as Space Police, Leagues of Votann as Rock Raiders, maybe Tau as Spyrius and Blacktron as some Chaos renegades. If any models are painted like Lego sets, i'll be sure to add them to the relevant Lego Theme blog post like the Ice Planet Cadians above.

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