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My First Battle Report

So lets kick this off with my first ever game of Age or Sigmar.

It's the start of an AOS campaign down at the local Games Workshop. The first few games are just 500pts, increasing in size later on i'm told.

Unfortunately this meant my army general had to sit this one out. I assumed he wasn't prepared to risk PVP by aggroing the enemy mobs ;)

My 500 points were:

A Knight Incantor

3 Castigators

8 Liberators, 2 with Grand Hammers

4 Gryth Hounds

Tonight however, we had 3 Order players and 3 Destruction players turn up, including myself. Nice little 1500pts per side, 3 on 3.

For Order there was myself with the mightily Stormwind Eternals, some Sylvaneth and a band of Fyre slayers.

For Destruction all three warbands were Gloomspite Gitz. Two groups of Trolls with a gang of Squig Hopper Goblins running the middle of the table.

Destruction won the first roll off and picked the table edge, much to the annoyance of the Sylvaneth who had planted their forests the opposite side.

As for initiative, all 6 of us rolled independently. Some pen and paper ensured we remembered who's turn it was.

Turn 1

Effectively each side moved towards the center ground, with the Sylvaneth deploying within their trees.

The Goblins went first, summoning their Malevolent Moon in my table edge. The damned thing caused a wound on one of my Liberators, but it could have been worse! The Gobbos also took control of the Purple Sun of Shyish floating about the table and sent it my way.

My first turn was uneventful, simply moving into position, carefully eyeing up those trolls across the board my men will inevitably fight. However I did send the Purple Sun back the way it came, towards the middle of the table top.

Turn 2

After Order won all our initiative rolls, we moved the Purple Sun right into the middle of the Gobbos ranks.

With some jammy 6's on my behalf the Squig Hoppers and the Mangler Squig all paid a heavy price. Now forever adorning the battlefield as glittering amethyst statues!

This effectively meant the end of the Goblins, eventually being picked off my the Fyre slaying Dwarfs!

For my own turn, the Castigators let loose a volley of arrows at the nearest Trolls. Causing a wound which the Troll just regenerated... The Malevolent Moon also still lingered over my Liberators, besting another.

However the rest of my men took position, ready to receive the charge from the Trolls.

Turn 3

It was very important I took initiative this turn, well at least roll higher than the Trolls opposite as both of us were in charging distance! My dice landed on the table, with a strong 5 staring back up a me. The Trolls dice then dropped, bouncing it's way across the battlefield...


I was relieved!

My Knight Incantor kicked the turn off casting Spirit Storm, causing a wound on all three units of Trolls.

Then the Castigators opened up, inflicting another wound on the nearest Troll.

Lastly after shouting For the Alliance, we charged. The Lions reaching the Trolls nearest the board edge and the Liberators and Knight Incantor charging the Trolls closest the forest.

I rolled exceedingly well, with the Lions taking down the wounded Troll their side. The Liberators fared well, inflicting a couple of wounds, however the Knight Incantor summoned all the power of the Karin Tor and struck down a Troll with his 3 attacks.

The Trolls fought back and killed a Lion and one of the Liberators. The combat with the Lions was a draw, but I won the other combat on the right. The remaining Troll failed its battleshock test and fled.

This saw the end of the game as we had run out of time. The Sylvaneth and Fyre slayers contending similarly with the other Trolls across the board and holding two of the Objectives. The Objective pictured above (number 5 token) still being contested by one of the Trolls didn't count for our total but it didn't matter.

Order had prevailed.

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