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Painting with Nuka Cola

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

So back in the days of Fallout 3 I bought the limited edition set, which contained a Vault-tec lunch box, a vault boy bobble head and i'm sure this Brotherhood of Steal figure.

Having recently stumbled across this old figurine in the back of the shed, I decided to give it a proper paint job. You can see below the stock paint job, not pretty...

To start the model off I based coated it in black primer, then with a coat of Leadbelcher and once dry washed with Nuln Oil.

I then applied a dry brush of Runefang steel all over, building up a heavy coat so by the end the model is mostly silver.

Followed by mixing a small amount of Blue Horror into the Runefang Steel, applying a light dry brush again, this time just trying to hit the edges.

Lastly I mixed two parts Lahmian Medium and one part Drakenhof Nightshade. The aim now was to shade the armour panels, picking out the parts of the armour that would be in shadow if the under a midday sun.

The next stage was to give the metal some depth. Using Warplock Bronze mixed with a bit of Leadbelcher, I stipped the mix onto the centers of the armour panels.

Mixing more and more Runefang steel in to the pallet, I continued stippling the paint over these area's.

To finish the metal work off, I marked it with splatters of Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia and Fuegan Orange. With some final touches of Nihilakh Oxide, especially over the areas I had now picked out in bronze.

The leather under armour was also painted a mix of Skrag Brown and Steel Legion drab, with a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

I knew from the start that I didn't want the armour to completely match. So I painted a couple of panels inspired by the games prototype medic T45b armour. These panels started off with a layer of Castellan Green, with further layers mixed with Administratum Grey. I was careful not to paint the very edges of the armour to keep that battle damaged vibe. Even considering the fact i'll revisit scratches and the like at the end of the project.

The next stage was the red Nuka Cola armour, I guess it was a promotional suit before the great war.

I started with a base of Khorne Red followed by a layer of Evil Sunz Red. Neither of the coats covered all the metal work. In all this time there would have been a fair few scratches and scuffs. The top coat of the red armour was Tamiya Clear Red, this gave the armour a gloss finish. Something the paint would have looked like when it was new.

As for the white parts of the armour, I started with Dawnstone grey. Then a layer of Administratum Grey mixed with Flayed One Flesh (an ivory). This was then highlighted with White Scar.

Now with the armour painted, I could add a little more weathering. A simple task of stippling Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade, a black and brown wash.

Once the washes were dry I could pick out all the tiny scratches in Runefang Steel, as well as giving the model a dry brush with Runefang Steel (silver).

Lastly the base was painted Steel Legion Drab. For the technical elements of it I used some Agrellan Earth (which dries like cracked mud) and some Typhus Corrosion, which was also splattered on the boots and lower legs. I also added some veins of Casandora Yellow and Bel-Tan Green wash into the base, to give it that wasteland vibe. Once dry the base and lower parts of the model was dry brushed Flayed One Flesh (Ivory).

All this doesn't change the fact that it's a pretty terrible sculpt, however it can now go back on my shelf and not be relegated to the back of the shed.

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