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Something a little festive

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Alright i'll grant you this isn't the season to post this, in an attempt to work through some historic creations i'm going back to Christmas 2017.

Back then I found myself in a TK Maxx, something pretty likely for me around December. You can never be sure what you'll find, as it happens I stumbled across this little bauble. It was hanging so that's back was the first part I saw, I honestly thought it was a PT bauble before I saw the front end...

I contemplated putting it back, but after a short deliberation it was bought, home and work had begun.

If you cant see the scale in the pictures the car is 7cm long, no bigger than your average Hot Wheel.

First thing to do was remove the window divider by the A pillar and file away a lot of the front end.

I started with some fine milliput to get the basic shape.

I then used some kneadatite for the details.

I drilled tiny holes and stuck cut offs from a paper clip to give the wing mirrors and rocket lights something to stick to.

Little more work to the front end

Then the rocket tail lights

Then some standard automotive primer.

Followed by the electric blue.

Lastly picking out the details on the car.

For reference I've copied a few pictures of my car for comparison, the little bauble now takes pride of place on our Christmas Tree.

This little bauble also goes well with the little PT lights I found, from what I understand these were given out to Chrysler dealerships in the States as a promotional item only. They occasionally come up for sale on ebay, for the UK i'd advise buying a normal string of lights and fitting the PT's to that instead.

Just another 11 months to go!

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