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Whoop whoop its the sound of the [space] police

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Space Police 2 served as the intergalactic reinforcements for the Ice Planet researchers and would often lend a hand in defeating the devious Spyrius Agents. The 3 themes complemented each other well and hark back to the days of Lego's own in-universe sets, one theme leading nicely into the next. Long before the bulk of the Lego sets featured film or TV based franchises.

I don't have many Space Police sets so far, so this page will be a little light on content for the time being. However I do aim on adding original Space Police 1 sets into this collection by way of recolours.

1916: Starion Patrol

1969: Min Robot

3015: Space Police Car

6813: Galactic Chief

6852: Sonar Security

6897: Rebel Hunter

6957: Solar Snooper

6984: Galactic Mediator

Spyrius recolours

It's not just the Spyrius agents who steal tech, this repurposed Recon Robot helps defend the Ice Planet research teams. Or maybe this was a Space Police vehicle all along that the Spyrius agents stole the designs for.

Space Police 1 recolours

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